Summer Riding


Summer is here and I love that my riding routine relaxes a little. I don’t have to rush to ride immediately before or after work, stealing daylight here and there, Oscar and I are free…well almost! I say almost because of the dreaded horseflies that can make or break your ride and sadly like us equestrians, they love the sunshine.

To ensure your horse is as comfortable as possible when you ride as we enter the height of British Summertime take a look at my three must have survival items, because if we can’t beat them, we’ll join them;

  1. Fly veil – at first Oscar would do all he could to shake it off, like he was an extra in a Taylor Swift music video, countless times mid-hack I’ve quickly caught it hanging off one ear and stuffed it down my breeches until we’ve reached the safety of home – naughty pony! However I think he now understands it’s for his own good as it remains on his ears more often than not! I love the pretty Elico Deluxe crochet bonnets available in a range of colours from Culloden Farm Equine. £10.50 – £12.88
  2. Leovet Power Phaser Durativ Gel –I featured the final two products on Gee Gee and Me in 2015, they’re most definitely tried, tested and loved by us: (

I  have to stress the Power Phaser fly repellent isn’t busting with fresh scents of citronella, it’s potent…but my goodness it works! I sponge the gel down the backs of Oscar’s legs, the inside of his stifle, under his belly and behind the throat lash. £12.99

  1. Leovet Power Phaser Fly Repellent Spray – I spritz over any areas it isn’t practical to use the gel, the neck and shoulder, flank and croup area. I had to mention both products because I rely equally on them for their different uses, the brand guarantee seven hours of protection and after trying numerous brands before nothing comes close, therefore the smell isn’t that bad afterall. £12.30

Alongside the above three I try to ride early morning or late evening and jump for joy on a blustery summer’s day, as this keeps the horseflies at bay too!

Happy riding

Gee Gee and Me.


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